Full Features

Auto Attendant

Add a virtual receptionist to your team who can route calls to the right people, answer basic questions, and give your company a big business appearance.

Follow Me/Find Me

Not at your desk? Out in the field? Not a problem! Never miss a call, no matter where you are.

Ring Group

”Sales”, option #1, “Customer Service”, option #2, etc.. Ring the whole team at once, or in the order you determine.

Time Condition

Lets your customers know when you are closed or OOTO with an automated answering service message.

Auto Attendant

Your Auto Attendant, is your on call answering service. You choose where, and when you want your calls routed.

Web Console

Sound like a lot of features? Control all your features, monitor usage and stay up to date with billing from your own personal Mobex webpage.

Mobile App

Take the power of your desktop phone with you when you are on the move.


Need to have multiple employees and coworkers get together but they are not all in the same place? With Mobex, anyone can conference in from any phone, anyplace, and at no additional charge. You also have the ability to monitor, record, and manage the conference room all from your personal Mobex webpage.


With Mobex, every user has their own voicemail box with private log in security.[/accordion]

Voicemail to E-mail

Whether you decided to take a call or simply can’t talk at this time, Mobex can deliver voicemail messages to multiple email addresses. Whether you decided to take a call or simply can’t talk at this time, Mobex can deliver voicemail messages to multiple email addresses. Voicemails are converted into .WAV format and sent so you can listen to your voicemails no matter where you are.

Fax to E-mail

An alternative to standard fax machines. Send and receive faxes using an email account.  No more clunky old fax machines. You can send files directly from your computer or phone.

Local Numbers

All Major US CitiesWith Mobex, your business can get a Local Number almost anywhere in the U.S. Local numbers are a great way to give your company a community feel or with multiple numbers, a multi-city look. If you already have an existing local number with another provider, you can easily port it to Mobex. In addition, Mobex can also provide you with local numbers in over 65 countries around the globe.

Custom Greeting and Messages

A first impression is everything. With a customized greeting, your company can welcome customers and leave them with a big business feel. Mobex can give your company a custom greeting such as “Thank you for calling XYZ Company… for sales, press 1…” The main greeting is the first thing a caller hears when calling your Mobex number. Direct them to departments, employees and information.

And, with Mobex, you can change your company and department greetings automatically based upon the time of day and day of the week. When a call comes in after-hours or when you’re away, your Mobex Away Greeting will set the right expectation and direct them to an alternate means to reach you. Customize the greeting anyway you would like to create a nice personalized touch.

Dial-by-Name Directory

With a Dial-by-Name Directory from Mobex, callers can easily search for your employee names for added convenience. This gives your company a large business feel. Customers will be able to find employee names by first or last name.

Unlimited Call Handling

With Unlimited Call Capacity from Mobex, customers will no longer hear busy signals! Mobex enables your company to make and receive as many calls as you have people with phones. You can have an unlimited number of prospects call about your products, services, or ideas.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding with Mobex allows an incoming call to be redirected to any number. Calls can be forwarded to your cell phone, mobile app, home number, voice mail box, or any other telephone number. You no longer need to be in the office to operate your business!

Number Portability

Easily port your numbers to Mobex. When you port your toll free and/or local numbers to Mobex, you will be able to add on any of the features that Mobex offers. Save money by not having to change your number for marketing and advertising purposes and still have your loyal customers call you.

Live Call Transfer

Transfer callers between extensions and mailboxes just like a large corporate phone system. A live call transfer allows you to accept a call and then transfer the caller to another extension or phone number if they need to. You can simply place the caller on hold and transfer them to where they need to go![

Custom Music & Information on Hold

If you must place a caller on-hold, take advantage of our custom music on hold option. You can choose the music that best represents your company, allow us to choose one for you, or even create an informative custom message that can notify your customers on areas of your company you want to highlight.


And So Much More! Call us now to see how we can enhance your business communications 1-855-US-MOBEX (855-876-6239).

Additional Addons – A la Carte

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll free numbers can help your business sound professional. Choose a toll free, vanity number, or let us assign one to you. If you already have a toll free number with another provider you can easily transfer it to Mobex. Adding a toll free number to your company makes it even easier for your customers to get in contact with you. A toll free number can be dialed without the caller paying for long distance charges, encouraging more people to call your company, and helping to become an avenue towards better customer service for your clients. $2.50 per number, per month. Includes unlimited inbound calling

Auto-Attendant with Language Localization

With Mobex’s Language Localization, your Auto-Attendant can use a dialect or accent of your choice. Language Localization is a one-time fee and starts as low as $5.00

Fax Server

$5.00 per month. Includes a local fax number, fax to email and outbound faxes from PDF. Unlimited usage.

Dedicated Dial-In Conference Bridge

With a local number included – $5.00 per month. Includes one local number and unrestricted use. Flat rate unlimited calling plans available starting at just $10.00 a month


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No Contracts

At Mobex we understand the need for your business to be flexible and agile, which is why we don’t require lengthy contracts or termination fees.

No Setup or Activation Fees

Businesses come to Mobex to save money & expand their communications, which is why there’s no setup or activation fees when you sign up for Mobex.

Premium Support

With Mobex you will have a dedicated support person who will know your business and be available to assist you.